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Aquatech designed, built, and maintain more than 1000 swimming pools for hotels, resorts, and private residences.

Swimming Pool

We have been building high quality inground and portable swimming spa for over 10 years. With different design inground and portable hot tub spa models in various colors and finishes.


Aquatech balances water features in indoor and outdoor spaces, creating an organic, aesthetic, feel to any swimming pool, landscape, in-house, no matter the design

Water Features

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Water Garden

Services We Provide

PAN India Distributor

Pentair Pool And Spa

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Brands We Serve


The Maytronics brand has a beautiful origin centered around pool enjoyment driven by innovative technology for swimming pool cleaning robots.


Fluid control technology from Spain in India. Hidroten has variety of products for pool and spa, other water control solutions like valves, elbows, and more.


Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and a world leader in the production of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration for pool and homes.


Oase provides technology for water gardens, ponds or lakes and natural swimming pools. Flexibility to work on plenty of ideas, knowledge and experiences.

New Pool Lights


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Pentair Pool Catalog

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