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Experience tranquility with the Pentair Pool Heat Pump, offering silent operation for a relaxing swim. Manage effortlessly with Pentair's 4G-DTU remote control technology, enabling seamless data transfer upon power-on. Enjoy comfort and convenience in one compact solution.

Pool Heat Pumps & Heater


Select Type Of Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

  • FullDCInverterTechnology

  • 28dB(A)LowNoiseat10mDistance

  • SmartAppRemoteControl

  • SoftStarter

  • SlidingDefrostTechnology

i-Forceline Max Heat Pumps

  • Soft Starting

  • LowNoise

  • Centralized Control (RS485)

  • PID Control

  • Precise Control

  • Automatic Defrost

  • Full InverterTechnology

  • Free WIFI Module as standard;

  • High COP & Efficiency

  • 5 inch Colorful touchscreen display

  • Heating & Cooling

  • Self-developed driver board with gas-cooling technology

i-Megaline Commercial Heat Pump

  • Economic and High-Efficient

  • Intelligent Defrosting

  • Environmentally-Friendly

  • Long Operating life

  • Fashionable Casing

On-Off Commercial Heat Pump

Pentair's Pool Heat Pump is specially designed with a silence mode to create a comfortable living environment at night for users. Under silence mode, the heat pump is running at 28dB (A) low noise.

28dB (A) Low Noise at 10m Distance


On a business trip or a holiday travel? Set and check your pool temperature via the app in your smart phone. The pool temperature is just at your fingertips.

Smart App Remote Control


Pentair endeavors to provide users easy and smart control experience for heat pumps. Throughout market trial and testing year on year, the smart display family becomes Pentair core strength.

LinkedGo Smart Display


Pentair full DC inverter technology enables the heat pump to adjust its strength from 10% to 90% according to the requirements.


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