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Fluid control technology from Spain in India. Hidroten has variety of products for pool and spa, other water control solutions like valves, elbows, and more.

Hidroten Valves & Fittings

Made In Spain

Hidroten offers a variety of valves, so you can control the fluids in your facility with maximum guarantees of reliability and quality.


The range of PP pressure fittings that Hidroten provides is very extensive, it includes categories like the compression fitting accessories for pipes, fittings Threaded Collars Hinge Collars

PP Pressure Fittings

Hidroten has an extensive and varied range of fittings PVC-U glue, screw and mixed, ensuring continuity, linking and leading pipes, helping to design the desired form of installation.

PVC-U Pressure Fittings

Netvitc System® is a mechanical joint system based, which allows elements to join together quickly. 

Netvtic Systems

Hidroten Ball Valve
Hidroten Ball Valve
Hidroten Elbow
Hidroten T Connection
Hidroten Gate Valve
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