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Consider Design Features For Pool

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

There are plenty of design features to consider when installing a pool that can add value to your property and lifestyle.


A water feature is a great way to enhance your pool area by providing visual interest and through the sound of moving water. Installing one in your pool area can add value when the pool is not in use and in the evening, especially if well lit.

When choosing a water feature, it’s worth considering the style of your outdoor area and home. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you may opt for a water wall, stand-alone water feature, or discrete faucet. The key things to be mindful of when designing a water feature for your pool is scale and materials.


A spa is one of the most popular features of a pool area and can provide a perfect place to relax in. The soothing jets are great for massaging tired muscles and the warm water can maximize your pool’s usage. Spas can be integrated into a pool or if you have room, built as an independent structure dug into the ground, sitting into paving or a stand-alone element.

If you are considering a spa, one of the main considerations is creating a seamless design and getting the size right as the bigger you get, the more expensive it is to run. Another key consideration is safety and making sure your spa complies with the local laws.


Building a pool with a ledge or a swim-out shelf is becoming more popular as they can be used for multiple purposes. Pool ledges are a great design feature for kids, especially toddlers, to splash about and get accustomed to the water. They also make an ideal place for adults to lounge in the water while supervising the kids, reading a book, or simply bathing in the sunshine.

You can custom design your ledge to suit the style of pool and the depths typically range from 400 to 600 mm wide.


Feature walls are a great way to add interest to a pool area and can be designed to suit both a traditional and contemporary outdoor space. A feature wall can be as subtle as stone tiles running up one side of the pool or can incorporate a water feature and lighting into a stone wall. Feature walls can also be rendered, clad in timber, or draped in greenery. Beyond the visual impact, they can be designed to act as a functional element to create privacy, divide the garden into rooms or to shelter the pool area from wind.


MagicStream Laminar By Pentair
MagicStream Laminar By Pentair

Lighting is an important design element to any pool, regardless of size or style. Installing lighting can add a sense of drama to the outdoor space. In the evening, a well-light pool can create a beautiful outlook from indoors. This can help maximize what you are spending on your pool area, especially in the seasons that you can’t use it for swimming.


Furnishing your pool area will help you increase the usage of the outdoor area and enhance the look of the space. Daybeds are an obvious choice for pool areas, however, depending on the size of your space surrounding your pool, you could consider a table and chairs to allow for dining poolside. If you’re limited on space, a pair of easy chairs, bean bags, or a built-in bench with outdoor cushions may be more suitable.

When choosing furniture for your pool area it’s important to opt for pieces that are made of quality materials and componentry and finished with durable outdoor fabrics. Poolside can be a harsh environment as furniture will be exposed to chemicals and more often than not, full sun.

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